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An Open Letter From A Conservative Black Man About “Black Privilege”

Don’t think we have it better than white people? Let me explain to you why you’re wrong!

There are a wide variety of clubs and organizations catering specifically to black people. There are no organizations specifically for white skin that aren’t controversial.

A black person could potentially benefit from affirmative action with work, schooling, and even government programs. There is almost no affirmative action for white people on the basis of skin, even for foreign-born whites.

African-Americans are historically portrayed as underprivileged in history textbooks. Ethnic whites who were historically underprivileged like the Irish, Italians, and Appalachian Miners are given footnotes on the side.

The suicide rate for African-Americans is anywhere from two to four times lower than whites.

I can create a large, loud, violent movement, or loot and riot, and America will excuse the behavior because they still feel guilty about events that happened 100 years before anyone alive was born.

An African American can pursue a career in rap, R&B, or gospel without being considered controversial. African-Americans invented the biggest forms of music in America, namely Jazz, Rock, and Rap.

As a Black person, I can be sure of watching a football or basketball program and seeing my race widely represented.

I can never be accused of cultural appropriation.

If I have committed a crime such as speeding and the police pull me over, I can blame it on racism instead.

I can use my race to promote myself in the media or work. White people cannot promote their race.

I can commit a hate crime against a white person or another minority of any race and receive far less attention for it. White-on-black crimes are always portrayed in the media.

I can be lazy and blame it on racism. A white person can never blame his/her laziness on racism.

In an election season, it is considered politically correct to appeal specifically to Black voters but not to White voters.

There are TV channels and shows specifically designed for black people.

I am not expected by society to always be the dominant force in every situation.

Black Pride is considered a form of empowerment. White pride is considered a form of racism.

I can use racism in order to explain various individual or group failures while Whites can not.

White people are assumed to be all part of the same group of people in America, no matter what part of the country they are in and where their origins really lie.

I can call white people cracker and honky, but a white person can never call me a…. Yea.. You know what it is.

I can commit a crime and feel safe because a cop will think twice before shooting me in fear of having his life being destroyed by the media.

It is easy to find a “Racial Diversity” or “Sensitivity” Training class to teach white people how to be “less racist.” But you will never find similar programs for African Americans.

Author Unknown




  1. Kristine

    September 1, 2016 at 5:09 am

    “Author Unknown”??


    Well that shoots holes all over this thing. If only an actual black person wrote this!

    • Robert Z

      November 3, 2016 at 6:01 pm

      It is actually irrelevant whether or not a black person wrote it or not. It is factual.. That is all that should matter actually.

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