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BLM Gets What They Want and the Results Are Disturbing

We are all aware of the liberal utopia that is Chicago. Well, Black Lives Matter has called for less policing and the Chicago Police have complied.  The results are as expected.

From the Blaze

Focusing on Chicago, America’s petri dish of liberal policies, MacDonald reveals that arrests and overall policing is in decline in the city:

Arrests are down 28 percent this year in the Windy City, the lowest since at least 2001, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, and less than half what they were in 2010. Drug arrests are down by half. Pedestrian stops were down 82 percent by early fall.

But rather than launching it into a new golden age of peace and prosperity, Chicago is experiencing a renaissance of crime:

So far this year, 4,334 people have been shot in Chicago: one person every two hours. Almost all the victims have been black. The police have shot 25 people, virtually all armed or otherwise dangerous — less than .6 percent of the total.

Over Christmas weekend Chicago experienced a virtual blood bath due to the lack of policing.

From the New York Post:

Chicago turned into a virtual war zone over the holiday weekend — with 55 people shot, a dozen of them fatally.

The shootings — many of which targeted gangbangers as they were celebrating Christmas with their families — took place between 4:50 p.m. Friday and the same time Monday.

It’s become painfully obvious that these people can’t self police and the lack of Police presence in Chicago is costing lives, Black lives!  But you don’t see Black Lives Matter or any other race baiting group out there protesting those deaths   They aren’t working in their communities to make them better, to end the violence or to improve the lives of their fellow citizens   No, what they’re doing is protesting when an armed black man is shot by the police because it is somehow a representation of the oppression of Blacks in this country.   I won’t deny that Black Americans got a raw deal when it came to slavery and the way they were treated afterwards   But, maybe they should take a look in the mirror now and realize it’s not the Police or White Americans who are causing their problems   It’s themselves.  And Chicago style politics and the liberal utopia White Liberals have created there is killing Black Americans.


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