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Breaking News – More Clinton Campaign Fraud And Corruption Exposed And Verified!

Breaking News

Well, here you have it folks! Just some more corruption coming from the Clinton Campaign. Don’t think Project Veritas is legit? What does CNN have to say about it?

A Democratic operative whose organization was helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced Tuesday that he would be “stepping back” from the campaign after an edited video suggested that he and other staffers hired people to attend Donald Trump’s campaign rallies and incite violence.

Robert Creamer — husband of Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky — announced his resignation in a statement after conservative activist James O’Keefe released a video under his organization Project Veritas Action, which showed Creamer and other operatives purportedly discussing methods for inciting violence at rallies for the Republican nominee.

Snopes however is true to their form by attempting to discredit anything that goes against the Liberal agenda.

The videos are, as is typical of O’Keefe’s, work somewhat of a gish gallop, comprising a constellation of allegations and assertions that is virtually impossible to fact check without complete clips of the involved conversations.

Unfortunately for Snopes however, Robert Creamer’s actions speak louder than their attempt to deflect. Anyone who still tries to defend Hillary Clinton and her campaign obviously is lacking some Common Sense!



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