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An Alternative Method To The Electoral College That Gives EVERYONE An Equal Vote.

My idea for changing the electoral process – Giving EVERYONE a voice instead of JUST the Majority – Back to a Republic!!

Give each state a point, just one point per state, regardless of the population.

Divide each state into sections, with equal landmass per section. Again this is regardless of the population.

For instance; lets take Washington State and divide it into 5ths.

Seattle would be in 1/5th

Tri-Cities would be in 1/5th

Vancouver would be in 1/5th

Yakima would be in 1/5th

and Spokane would be in 1/5th

I am just trying to include each major area in each section with this division.

Then – The people in each section would vote.

Whoever got the majority in their sections would swing their section one way or another.


For national and state elections this would be perfect as it would give the entire state a vote and equal say in what happens instead of leaving it JUST to Seattle to decide their fate.

The same concept goes for other states like Oregon, California, Montana, Pennsylvania, New York and the rest. Where the metro areas lean one way, but have the majority of the state population, and the rest of the state leans another way, but have ZERO say in what happens in their state.


Whoever gets the most “points” wins the election or the law gets passed or vice versa.

“The chief characteristic and distinguishing feature of a Democracy is: Rule by Omnipotent Majority. In a Democracy, The Individual, and any group of Individuals composing any Minority, have no protection against the unlimited power of The Majority. It is a case of Majority-over-Man.”

With this concept in mind; the people in Spokane can get totally screwed by the people in Seattle. Though the people in Seattle have no CLUE what is going on in Spokane.

If EVERYONE believes that the PEOPLE should have a voice, I honestly do not see how anyone could think this was a bad idea. To me? It’s Common Sense!

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