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Is The Government Blocking Cures For Diseases And Cancer? Some Think So!


In the video interview above, Rick explains the rest of his heart-breaking story, which unfortunately has a tragic ending, and what might have been prevented if natural cancer treatments were more widely available and recognized in the United States.

Like most well-meaning parents, Rick and his wife decided to follow through with the oncologists’ recommended treatment protocol. First came surgery, which had an initial positive outcome but because of the severity of the cancer, its spread was imminent. As Rick said:

” … literally in a matter of weeks we would be right back to where we were. In the end, [doctors] convinced us that what we would do is an aggressive regimen of chemotherapy and radiation simultaneously … We progressed through their treatment. She started the treatment on her fourth birthday. After six months, we had finished all the chemo and radiation that you could possibly have given her.”

Dr. Burzynski is just one of the alternative cancer specialists out there. There are many others as well, such as the Gerson Therapy and Dr. Nick Gonzalez’s nutritional approach – or even medical marijuana. Unfortunately, the system, as currently configured, is stacked against you receiving these potentially life-saving therapies (and others like them).

Deaths like that of Rick’s daughter are shocking in that they aren’t necessary. If the FDA and the oncologists had simply given them the opportunity to exercise freedom of choice to seek whatever therapy they thought appropriate, she may still be alive.

Now lets look at the bigger picture for a second. Like the picture above, Disease is BIG BUSINESS! Medical companies make billions off of cancer, vaccinations, and even the common cold.

My personal thing here is this, if we have been able to “cure” erectile dysfunction? Why have we not cured the cold? Why haven’t we cured AIDs and HIV?

There is a doctor in Portland Oregon who has seemingly found the cure for AIDs actually! But whether or not it will actually hit the market is the real question here.

A superstar scientist on track to eradicate HIV, Dr. Louis Picker, 58, he’s already had a major impact on science. But he wants to have an impact on health by protecting the public from a devastating disease that’s killed almost 40 million people.

When Picker embarked on his quest 15 years ago, he chose the Portland area, turning down a $500,000-a-year lab job in Texas to do research for half the pay at Oregon Health & Science University.

At first, his approach was considered unusual. Some even called it loony. Now he’s widely viewed by peers as a visionary.

In 2009, four of 12 monkeys inoculated with the vaccine and then infected with the virus developed only the faintest sign of an infection which did not progress. In 2013, 50 percent of dozens of monkeys exposed were essentially cured. Even years later, HIV could not be detected in their bodies.

Picker’s vaccine has proven it can kill the virus in monkeys. Next year for the first time, he will test it in humans.

But will the FDA block it like it has blocked so many other possible cures out there? Only time will tell!



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