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Cop Shoots Black Man In Kelso Washington

KELSO, Washington – According to The Daily News out of Longview Washington, a 27-year-old Sudanese man, who has been identified as Omer Ismail Ali, a well known person to the Kelso Police Department, was shot to death by an officer after he attacked 2 people and the officer at a gas-and-grocery store Wednesday morning with a walking stick.


Law Enforcement was first notified when a clerk in the Flying K, located at First Avenue and West Main Street near the foot of the Allen Street Bridge, called police at 8 a.m on Wednesday. to report that a shoplifter had just left the store and was walking toward the nearby Red Leaf cafe. The officer, 22-year Kelso Police Department veteran John Johnston, was the officer who responded to the scene. Upon arrival, Johnson spoke with the 2 women clerks. One clerk went with the officer into the office to look at surveillance video, while the other clerk stayed at the counter.

The suspect, known to be a transient, then returned and began assaulting the clerk and a customer. At this point, according to witness reports, Johnston intervened with the suspect, who proceeded to assault the officer with the stick. The officer drew his weapon and shot the man, who died at the scene.

Kelso Stick

Officer Johnston suffered substantial injuries to his head, arms and legs and was taken to the hospital along with one of the clerks. Police say the wooden staff, which was broken in the attack, is about four feet long, one and one-half inches in diameter and weighs about two pounds.

According to KGW out of Portland Oregon; the coroner says Ali died of a gunshot wound to the chest with other significant conditions including a gunshot wound to the jaw and neck. His manner of death was homicide resulting from a violent altercation with law enforcement.

Authorities say patrol officer John Johnston shot Ali after he attacked a clerk, a customer and the officer himself with the 4-foot-long wooden staff. Ali died at the scene.


So the question here is, where is Black Lives Matter? Doesn’t this incident fit their modus operandi perfectly? A violent black man was killed by a white cop. Is it because he is from The Sudan? My thought is that, people in certain parts of the country are starting to realize that there are cases where police justifiably shoot PEOPLE. It has nothing to do with color, but has everything to do with what is going on at the time.

Unfortunately there are still people like those in Milwaukee, Ferguson, and Baltimore who are too consumed with race to look at these cases objectively and acknowledge that; pointing a stolen gun at an officer, jumping in the officers patrol car, hitting him, then trying to grab his gun, and resisting arrest could very well get you hurt, or even killed. That is Common Sense

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