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The Chicago Kidnapping And Attack: What This Says About The Media and Leftist ‘Tolerance’

By now you have probably seen, or at least heard of, a video that has been floating around the internet right now which contains footage taken on Facebook Live by a black woman; of black men allegedly kidnapping and torturing a white man with mental disabilities. As if this wasn’t already bad enough, the thugs in the video frequently accuse the white man of being a Trump supporter, shouting “f*** Donald Trump” and “F**** White People” in the video several times.

The truth is; this is by all means a hate crime. Throughout the entirety of the video, the assailants do not state any other reason for their actions other than that the man is white, and apparently a Trump supporter. Four people who are believed to be involved are currently in custody and under investigation for the incident.

As awful as this is, it is not the first we’ve seen of this kind of behavior from leftists or people who do not support the President-Elect. On many occasions, protesters got violent at Donald Trump rallies during the election cycle; often looting, throwing things, and assaulting others for supporting him.

At a San Jose Trump rally last year, there is a video where a woman at the rally had eggs thrown at her by mostly black protesters for no other reason than because she was a Trump supporter. In short, there are a lot of people on the left who do not take kindly to anyone who claims to be a backer of Donald Trump or anyone associated with him. Which is ironic, seeing how many on the left love to hold up posters that read “Love Trumps Hate”. Assaulting a special needs man, throwing eggs at women, and inducing violence at Trump rallies doesn’t sound too “loving” to me.

Nothing like this should ever happen. Nobody deserves to be kidnapped and beaten and abused under these circumstances, especially not someone with special needs. But what makes me really angry is that this is not NEARLY as big of an issue as it should be. I turn on the TV or the radio or go on social media for a couple of hours, I seldom come across the story.

Hate crimes are ones that usually make big news in today’s climate; we have seen several instances over the last couple years of white police officers shooting black criminals, and the story is headlined a hate crime before the scene has even been investigated. But this particular story doesn’t seem to be catching fire quite as hot. My hypothesis is that it’s because it is a white man being assaulted in the video.

And before you go calling me crazy and a racist right-winger, just imagine what the story would be like if the script was flipped, and it was instead a group of white men beating and torturing a black man, yelling “f*** Barack Obama” over and over. I would bet you my bottom dollar that every one of your friends and their mother would be sharing away. I’m not in any way saying that someone should go out and perform horrendous acts against someone like that, but there is no doubt in my mind that the story would be on the cover of every newspaper from sea to shining sea.

There is not a doubt in my mind.


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