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Sorry America, But Racism Did Not Elect Donald Trump!

Is anyone else getting tired of hearing the Liberal Losers crying “RACIST” about this Trump victory? Would you believe that Mitt Romney won a greater percentage of the white vote than Donald Trump? Mitt took 59 percent while Trump won 58 percent.

What about the minority voters?

Hillary only got 88% of the Black vote compared to Obama who took 93%. 

Obama won 71% of the Latino vote compared to Hillary only won 65%.

Trump on the other hand took 29% of the Hispanic vote compared to Mitt who only got 27%. Not to mention, Trump got 8% of the Black Vote compared to Romney who only got 6%.

Now, many people will say – “It’s only a couple percentage points!” – Which, while true, it still shows a shift! A shift that Liberal talking heads will ignore or attempt to spin into oblivion.

What about turnout though! 2016 saw a 70% White Vote where 2012 had a 72% white vote. This of course means that the non-white vote also increased this year to 30%.

Again, Trump’s total vote is likely to land somewhere between John McCain’s and Romney’s (and well short of George W. Bush’s 2004 total), while the Democrats have lost almost 10 million voters since 2008. All of this has happened even as Democrats doubled-down on their own identity politics.

Black Lives Matter went from a fringe movement to the Democratic mainstream in the blink of an eye. Radical sexual politics were mainstreamed even faster. White voters responded mainly by voting in the same or lesser numbers as the last three presidential elections. That’s not a “whitelash,” like Van Jones wants to say. It appears to be quite the opposite!


Now, lets look at the total votes and ignore the demographics for a minute.


Electoral and County Election Comparison Map 2008 2012 2016

Electoral and County Election Comparison Map 2008 2012 2016


Given that Hillary has won the popular vote but has lost the electoral vote, there are some very important points to consider.

Just by looking at the election maps by county, you see that the blue which was so prominent in 2012; has practically vanished and is only in high density population areas. There is more red on this map for 2016 than there even was in 2008!

What does this have to do with anything you ask? It is simple! Hundreds of counties that not only voted for Barack Obama once but twice, have completely switched their vote to Donald Trump.

Now, are you saying that those people who originally voted for Barack Obama are now racist?

But, we can even look at the state electoral map as well to show that racism has nothing to do with Trump getting elected.

Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Iowa went to Obama both elections while Indiana and North Carolina went to Obama in 2008 but not 2012.

What does all this mean? It means that Americans woke up to the policies that have come forth from the Obama Presidency and have seen the light! They have seen their health insurance destroyed, their jobs disappear, terrorism rise, racial tensions come to a boiling point, and our laws be ignored. What was their alternative to Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton who promised to keep the aforementioned policies going? To anyone with Common Sense, this was a NO BRAINER!

Now we have these little Social Justice Warriors taking to the streets protesting the election. They are chanting things like “Hey Hey, Ho Ho! Donald Trump Has Got To Go!” and “Im-peach Trump!” and “Love Trumps Hate!”

The problem with this though, is that they do not understand their own ignorance. If you were to ask any one of them “Why” they will either look at you with a bewildered expression plastered to their face with their pot induced bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils, or they will start screaming at you (like you should already know) about all of these make believe talking points that they have been spoonfed by the mainstream media and their social justice leaders. Not to mention, none of them apparently understand that Donald Trump is President Elect which makes the “Impeach Trump” chants doubly hilarious.

The moral of the story is simple. Give Trump a chance. He has made a lot of promises! Most of them sound incredibly good! With a Republican retained Congress, he should have no problem (minus the many filibusters I am sure will come) to accomplish these things. Like Trump said during the campaign:

What Do You Have To Lose?



This is the election results by county for 2016

This is the election results by county for 2016


This is the election results by county for 2012

This is the election results by county for 2012


This is the election results by county for 2008

This is the election results by county for 2008


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