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Reid: Comey Is Why Trump Won

Disgraced Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid can’t keep his name out of the headlines.  Instead of blaming a flawed, corrupt candidate in Hillary Clinton for losing the election he is blaming FBI Director James Comey for her loss.
From CNN:

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Monday FBI Director James Comey was “heavily involved as a partisan” in the weeks leading up to the election and that Comey’s actions handed the presidency to Donald Trump.

The retiring Nevada Democrat said Democrats “would have won the majority in the Senate and would have won the presidency but for Comey.

Also, Harry is blaming Comey for not addressing the potential Russian hacking of the DNC:

Reid said he urged Comey to address the hacking, which intelligence agencies have concluded was the result of Russian efforts to tilt the election toward Trump.
“I am saying the FBI did nothing — did nothing. All the information that we’ve heard in the last couple weeks, it was available to the FBI. He just ignored it. He did not make it public. We asked him to more than once and he didn’t do it,” Reid said.

I guess Harry missed this little Nugget from the Washington Post back in October.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation suspects Russian intelligence agencies are behind the recent hacking of the emails of Hillary Clinton ’s campaign chairman and of a contractor handling Florida voter data, according to people briefed on the investigations.

Top Russian officials on Wednesday, meanwhile, shifted away from denying a role in a separate hack of the Democratic National Committee. President Vladimir Putin said it is irrelevant who stole the computer records, and the foreign minister said the U.S. hasn’t proven anything so far.

Remember this is the same man who used the Nuclear Option in the Senate because Republicans wouldn’t rubber stamp Obama’s nominees.  Republican’s warned Harry that Democrats would rue the day they did this and it looks like those chickens have finally come home to roost.

From CNN:

Senate Democrats are eager to make Donald Trump pay a political price for nominating staunch conservatives to fill out his Cabinet, hoping to exact revenge for the GOP’s stubborn opposition to President Barack Obama’s nominees.

But there is little they can do about it — and some top Democrats are now coming to regret it.

That’s because Senate Democrats muscled through an unprecedented rules change in 2013 to weaken the power of the minority party to filibuster Cabinet-level appointees and most judicial nominees, now setting the threshold at 51 votes — rather than 60 — to overcome tactics aimed at derailing nominations.

With the Senate GOP poised to hold 52 seats next Congress, some Democrats now say they should have thought twice before making the rules change — known on Capitol Hill as the “nuclear option.”

It’s best for all parties involved that Harry Reid is retiring.  I’m willing to bet he won’t be remembered as a tireless public servant for the People of  Nevada but instead will be remembered as a partisan hack who was corrupt at his core.   Goodbye Harry, we won’t miss you.  Don’t forget to turn out the light on your way out, you know global warming and all.

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