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The Fallacy Of “Racist America”

America is not as “Racist” as people would like to make it out to be.

It’s called “proof by example,” and it happens all the time. We take one event and point to it as evidence of a trend or, even worse, a universal fact—a dog attacked my child, therefore all dogs are vicious and should be put down. Despite its popularity, particularly in political debate, proof by example is a logical fallacy. But logic is officially an endangered species in today’s hyperpartisan political environment.

Consider, for example, that in 1958 a mere 4 percent of Americans approved of interracial marriage. By 2013, that number had grown to 87 percent. In 2012 these once-taboo unions hit an all-time high. Ku Klux Klan membership has shrunk drastically from millions a century ago to fewer than 5,000 today and any actual action by the group in the last 40 years is almost unheard of. The Black Panthers are essentially extinct though they are starting to make a comeback with the surge of racial tensions.

The media continues to sell the “cops versus blacks” narrative. A little arithmetic, however, reveals its absurdity. You’ve heard of Eric Gardner, Sandra Bland, and Michael Brown? These high-profile cases that the media likes to blow out of proportion, represent a whopping 0.0003 percent of all American law enforcement encounters. If that number strikes you as a trend, then perhaps you should apply for a job at The Washington Post or CNN or, better yet, run for president!

People constantly try to make America out to be the most racist country in the world, yet fail to recognize that when it comes to racial tolerance? Look around the world and you’ll find that America is the most tolerant and open society on earth. The World Values Survey shows India, not the United States, is in fact the most racist country with a class system. The same survey has shown for years that Americans are among the least racist in the world and therefore are the most tolerant. Do racists exist in this country? Of course they do. Is their racism sanctioned by the government and celebrated by fellow citizens? Absolutely not.

America isn’t a racist country, not even close, and it certainly isn’t a “white supremacist” society. The left falsely saying so promotes not progress but division. American history includes slavery and racism, but its current status and future as a whole does not.

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