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Tucker Carlson to Replace Megyn Kelly on Fox News? Awesome!

After Fox News’ Megyn Kelly announced on January 3rd that she would be departing from Fox to NBC, Rumors immediately began swirling as to who would replace Kelly and her show, “The Kelly File”, which has been on the air since 2013.

It has since been announced that veteran anchor Tucker Carlson will replace Megyn Kelly’s former time slot. This will be the first time in Fox’s history that it will have an all-male anchor weekday schedule.

Kelly has been catching some grief from conservatives and Republicans alike for apparently not being conservative enough. The news anchor had a heated feud with now President-Elect Donald Trump during the primary season, when Kelly moderated a debate and asked Trump some questions about women he did not so much like. Trump is quoted as saying that Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her… wherever…” which sparked a flame that would not be put out until the two met for an interview last year. Kelly has also been a strong advocate against the objectification of women, while at the same time posing in a provocative photoshoot for GQ.

Kelly’s show, “The Kelly File” was the second-highest rated segment on Fox News behind Bill O’Reilly’s “The O’Reilly Factor”. It has yet to be seen if Carlson will be able to fill the void that Kelly will be leaving behind. Carlson is the founder of “The Daily Caller”, a former co-host on CNN’s show “Crossfire”, and also had a gig in the time slot two hours behind Kelly on Fox, where he fetched some good ratings through some slightly controversial comments.

But hey, what’s the news worth in today’s climate if it’s not a bit controversial?

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