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Watch – “Good Guy With Gun” Saves The Life Of An Arizona State Trooper! Mainstream Media Reletavely Silent

From AZ Central

A man traveling to California came to the rescue of a wounded state trooper who was struggling with the gunman who had shot him on an isolated stretch of Interstate 10, authorities said.

The man, who was with his wife, stopped his car when he came upon a rollover accident and saw the struggle, according to Col. Frank Milstead, Arizona Department of Public Safety director.

The trooper told the man he needed help, and the man returned to his car, got his gun and fired at the assailant when he refused to listen to orders to stop and back away, Milstead said.

The man who shot the trooper was dead, as was a woman who had been ejected from the vehicle, Milstead said.

Milstead said the trooper, 27-year veteran Trooper Edward Andersson, was in serious but stable condition after undergoing surgery for gunshot wounds to the right shoulder and chest. His wife and other troopers were with him at the hospital.

Andersson was going to be “OK after some recovery,” Milstead tweeted earlier Thursday.

Milstead spoke at a Goodyear hospital where Andersson was taken, and DPS Capt. Damon Cecil provided details from the scene of the shooting, west of Tonopah and about 55 miles west of downtown Phoenix.

Milstead said Andersson was responding to a shots-fired call at milepost 81 about 4 a.m. after a caller said a car in the freeway median had fired a shot at his vehicle.

As the trooper was heading west, he came across a rollover accident at milepost 89. The car involved was registered in Arizona.

“We believe the suspect was in the rolled-over car, but it hasn’t been confirmed,” Cecil said.

Andersson was settling down flares in the pitch dark when a gunman “ambushed” the trooper at the scene, shooting him. The wound affected Andersson’s gun hand, but he continued to physically fight the man, Cecil said.

Milstead said the civilian saw a man on top of Andersson, pounding his head in the pavement, and asked if the trooper needed help.

The civilian, who also was not identified, shot the man and then used Andersson’s radio to call for help, Milstead said.

Medical helicopters flew Andersson, the gunman and the woman ejected in the rollover to the Abrazo West Campus in Goodyear.

There you have it folks! Yet ANOTHER prime example of a good guy with a gun saving lives. Liberals will still try to spin this to say “There could have been another way! The gunman didn’t need to die!” But those with an ounce of common sense understand that there are scenarios where a bullet is the only reasonable response to another man attempting to kill someone else with a gun.

There are countless stories like this happening all across the nation every single day. It is just sad that the lame stream media won’t ever allow these stories to see the light beyond their local affiliates.

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