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Don’t Believe The Reports That Voting Machines Switch Votes To Democrat? WATCH THIS!

Video Is From The Virginia Election In 2014 – Rigell vs. Patrick – Rigell won by 15.4 pts. 

There have been a lot of reports going around lately about how the electronic voting machines are “glitching out” and are changing peoples “Republican” vote into a “Democrat” vote.

Democrats are saying that this is “fairytale” and that they are “hearing” stories of it going the other way around. Well, with our previous article about the GOP Ticket Voters In Texas having their votes switched from Trump to Clinton; we proved that to be false with the victims own testimony.

Now? We have a video that shows the exact same thing happening. Granted, this video is from 2014, but it shows yet again, why we need to go back to paper voting! It’s just Common Sense!

Electronic Voting is just asking to be hampered with, hacked, deleted, etc. Especially with what has been going on this entire election cycle, I wouldn’t trust an electronic ballot box as far as I could throw it!

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