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Comey: DNC denied FBI access to hacked servers

For weeks we’ve been hearing about how the Russian’s hacked the DNC servers and how it may have swung the election, which I dispute but that’s another issue.  Democrats have also been angry the Russian’s hacked the server, instead of being angry about the content of the emails.  Well, it turns out the FBI requested access to the server on multiple occasions and was denied access.

From the Hill:

The FBI requested direct access to the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) hacked computer servers but was denied, Director James Comey told lawmakers on Tuesday.

The bureau made “multiple requests at different levels,” according to Comey, but ultimately struck an agreement with the DNC that a “highly respected private company” would get access and share what it found with investigators.

“We’d always prefer to have access hands-on ourselves if that’s possible,” Comey said, noting that he didn’t know why the DNC rebuffed the FBI’s request.

Of course the DNC is denying this, but I’m more inclined to believe the FBI who didn’t recommend and indictment of Hillary Clinton over the Democratic Machine built on lies.

The DNC told BuzzFeed in a statement published last week that the FBI never requested access to its servers after they were breached.

But a senior law enforcement official disputed that characterization the following day.

So the next time a Liberal complains about the Russian’s hacking, remind them the DNC didn’t coorperate with the FBI. It’s pretty obvious the DNC didn’t really care about the hacks.

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