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Dear Mainstream Media: We Are Watching You!

Recently there have been media outlets defending their reporting as “factually accurate,” when I hear this it leads me to believe that “factually accurate” is the cover for deceptive reporting. Whether, it is a story that leaves important information out, or a click bait headline, the intent is the same, deception. CNN recently ran a headline that read, “Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him.” What do you think they’re implying?

However the compromising information was marked as “DISINFORMATION” did CNN mention that ANYWHERE in the article? No, no they didn’t! Why? Didn’t they know this, did they and just decided to leave it out? We will probably never know because their response consisted of them defending their actions with the all too familiar statement “Our report was factually accurate.” After their reporting on the matter BuzzFeed published the information that CNN didn’t.

It was as if the two worked together to get the information out there. CNN may hide behind their statement that their reporting was factually accurate, but the entire next day the panelists on their shows spent time speculating on the BuzzFeed report and what should now be done with Trump. But wait, they’re not the only ones. How about CBS Radio?

Not many realize they’re even on the radio anymore, after all no one seems to be listening to it. And that may be why they think that they can get away with such a deceptive report. Have you heard their reporting on the white mentally challenged teen who was kidnapped and tortured by the four black teens in Chicago?

Don’t feel left out, not many have. In the report, the correspondent mentions that the victim was called the “n word” and that the perpetrators referenced Trump several times. What would that lead you to believe? Never once did he mention the race of the persons involved. Now, in most cases the race of the parties wouldn’t have been relevant, however, they went out of their way to specifically point out that they believe the attack was racially motivated.

Wait, what?! Yes that’s right, they say that they believe it is racially motivated and didn’t mention the race of the individuals calling the victim the “n word.” Now for what reason would they do such a thing? DECEPTION!

There is no excuse for leaving such pertinent information out of the report that was being broadcast on the radio. Even if on television, you would give all the information just in case. But when your art is deception, you do all you can to include as little as possible so you can release a statement after the fact that reads, “Our report was factually correct.” You have been identified, your deception has been noticed, we are watching you. You are fake news!

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