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“Occupy Russia” – What The Hacking Report Actually Said V.s. What The Media Is Telling You.

Over the past several years a movement was formed. It sprung up rather quickly, and funded by shadowy figures. How could something form so quickly? Well we may have an answer.

You may believe you’re fighting the good fight, either for the environment or for social and economic justice, but the recently released Intelligence Report on “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent U.S. Elections” has revealed who you’re really fighting for.

Now the media has its own agenda when reporting on the assessments of the Intelligence community. They look for all the points that appear to connect Putin and President Elect Trump, even though it’s much more about Russians being anti Hillary than pro Trump. However, a good portion of the report focuses on propaganda and fake news. So, let’s take a look at that, the mainstream media doesn’t want to.

It appears, according to our Intelligence Community, that Russia, working through the Russian State sponsored TV, would share fake news with the Facebook pages of…wait for it,Occupy Wall Street. That’s right, in order to help them, in Russia’s own words, “create chaos” on the streets of America and have people questioning the outcome of the elections. Does that sound familiar?

The Russians even created a Facebook App so protesters could keep connected through social media. Their goal was to create a movement here in America against the “ruling class” and have them say our current system is corrupt. They even helped promote an Occupy movement called “take back” our government.

They claim it can only be done through a revolution. It’s not a coincidence that the American Communist Party is involved with most of these protests. They even worked with the anti fracking movement in an attempt to harm our domestic oil and gas production. Every time you go out there preaching about the dangers of fracking, remember you are doing exactly what Russia wants. Which is to stop America from being energy independent and continually forced to purchase energy from our enemies. and fund their wars, both physical and cyber, against your own country.

Remember the next time you hear someone talking about the electoral college is undemocratic or that there’s “widespread infringements on our civil liberties and Police brutality,” these were movements birthed in the Russians brain rooms and passed onto America through protest movements such as Occupy Wall Street.

I believe it’s important to also note that in the Intelligence Assessment report there weren’t any right wing, alt right, Republican groups mentioned as propagators of “fake news”.

So the next time you hear a political pundit on one of the networks talking about the evils of fracking or the unfairness of our political system, just know that their script was originally written in Russian.

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